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Making your apartment your home

We think you should have the freedom to decorate your home as you see fit. If you go for a furnished apartment, you’ll find that different apartments have different looks, so can pick one that most suits your tastes. You can see some example of looks here.

Whether you go for a furnished or unfurnished apartment, you’ll also have the option to paint your walls, hang pictures and of course, add your own touches furniture wise. All the things that make it feel, well, like a home.

Painting the walls

Everyone one likes different colours, so if you want to paint your apartment’s walls that’s fine by us*. You can’t paint the ceilings, doors, skirtings and windows though, they need to stay as you find them.

Hanging shelves, pictures & mirrors

With the solid construction of the walls – which is great for sound and heat insulation – if you want to put up shelves or hang large pictures or mirrors, our specialist team will need to assist you in doing so. We don’t want anything falling off unexpectedly.

Making things good before you move out

If you decide to leave The Cargo Building, any changes you’ve made will need to be returned to how they were when you first moved in. We can do this for you, but there will be a cost for doing so, which will depend on the work that’s needed.

*Before you make any changes to your apartment, you will need to inform the on-site management team.
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